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More than just a smoke shop

Bosque Smoke Shop is your local smoke shop that carries everything you need to smoke at great prices!


Products that we carry include cigarettes (premium and generic), imported cigars, little cigars, snuff, e-cigarettes, tobacco bags, cigarette-making machines, glass water pipes, and detox (body cleansers).


Cigarette brands we have range from Marlboro, to Benson & Hedges, to Sandia and Timeless TIME. We also carry all brands, flavors, and sizes of tobacco.


Our detox and body cleansers are great products to have! We have 20 to 25 brands of detox, body-cleanser kits, mouthwash, and shampoo. You'll find the biggest selection of detox products in town!

Call us at 254-756-2900 to hear more about our vaping products!